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Rules for the effective maintenance of buildings and maintenance of etics system with biocorrosion

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The External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) has a long-term problem without a cause that has yet been determined – colonisation of the surface by microorganisms.The technical performance and estimated service life of the ETICS system can be ensured through the documentation about its use, maintenance and repairs. The regional legislation does not require the provision of documents about the use of buildings or building parts. The research was therefore focused on suggesting a conceptual manual for the use of the ETICS system and its implementation in practice. The suggested monitoring and management of decontamination technology for the ETICS system allows for an external wall’s resistance to microorganisms. The generalised results will be the basis for the creation of a user manual for buildings according to regional standards and legislation. The article relies on research on the destruction of microorganisms on external walls with an ETICS

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Maintenance; External Thermal Insulation Composite System; Biocorrosion Facades; Life Cycle

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