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Overall aspects for the evaluation of Portuguese dwellings’ quality and sustainability

João Pedro Júlio orcid id
Anabela Paiva
Caroline Dominguez

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As housing is an essential need, a dwelling should provide
an assured quality of life and satisfy the expectations of its
As a dwelling is a complex system, the construction of which
involves the contribution of various specialists, the evaluation
of its quality is a elaborated process.
In the sequence of previous research on quality dwellings
assessment methods, the objective of this paper is to present
the proposal of an assessment system for the most important aspects of dwellings’ quality in Portugal which provides
stakeholders with a simple and objective form for assessing
the quality level of a dwelling to be designed, built, financed,
bought or rented.
After a thorough analysis of methods used to evaluate residential building quality in various countries, the most common
elements were identified. This list was submitted to critical
evaluation by Portuguese construction specialists, resulting
in a final selection of evaluation aspects such as: housing
operating costs, proximity to basic infrastructures, energy
classification and rainwater reuse systems.

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Assessment method; Residential buildings; Dwelling’s quality; Sustainability; Portugal

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