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Developmental characteristics of primary dentition in children from a New Zagreb suburb and a village in the outskirts of Zagreb

Asja Miličić ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vesna Gaži-Čoklica ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Rajka Brčić ; Dom zdravlja dr. V. Stančić, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

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str. 189-197

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A group of 236 children aged 3— 7 years were examined to study the
possible effects of the stage of urbanization and population categorization on the prevalence of defined primary dentition developmental characteristics. The children were living in Sopot, a new Zagreb suburb, and Velika Gorica, a village in the outskirts, of Zagreb attending the nurseries in the respective areas. Each child was examined on 2— 3 occasions in one-year intervals (575 examinations in total). The results obtained by using the cross-sectional method for each examination were computer-processed and compared, pointing to the following: — Considerable variability in the prevalence and intensity of developmental characteristics of primary dentition was found in the pooled sample of the children. In most variables studied, alterations depending on age, stage of development and mutual interactions were observed. — In the new suburb sample, a higher incidence of abraded teeth, higher increase in the intensity of abrasion, and more frequent physiological diastemata of a higher intensity were detected on subsequent examinations as compared to the outskirts village sample. — in the outskirts village sample, primary diastemata were observed to close sooner and more frequently, with equidistal planes overlapping more often than in the new suburb sample.

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primary dentition, developmental characteristics, epidemiology

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