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A correlation of the LDH isoenzymatic activity of the radicular cyst content with cytologic and microbiologic analyses

Halid Sulejmanagić ; Klinika za oralnu hirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sarajevo, Sarajevo
Miroslav Galić ; Klinika za oralnu hirurgiju Stomatološkog fakulteta Sarajevo, Sarajevo
Stjepko Jadrić ; Institut za fiziologiju i biohemiju »Dr Aleksandar Sabovljev« Sarajevo

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The aim of this study was to differentiate individual lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes from the samples of the content of radicular cysts on a polyacrylamide gel using the method of electrophoresis, and to assess thereby the existence of correlation of the content isoenzymatic spectrum with its cytologic and microbiologic analyses. The study was carried out in 9 samples. Biochemical analyses were done at the Institute of Biochemistry using the method of Bloemendaal, cytologic analyses were conducted at the Institute of Pathology, whereas microbiologic examinations were performed at the spcialized laboratory Dr Robert Fried Institute of Microbiology in Sarajevo. The preliminary biochemical results have shown the LDH3 fraction to prevail on an average in relation to LDHlf LDH2 and LDH4 and 5. The distribution of the relative LDH isoenzyme values in the content of radicular cysts is most alike that found in skeletal muscles. Desquamatory epithelial cells of blurred contours and erythrocytes but no inflamatory cellular elements were detected by the cytologic analysis of the radicular cyst material. In 8 out of 9 samples, exclusively aerobic microflora with the predominance of streptococcus alpha haemolyticus, was found by the microbiologic analysis, whereas one sample reamined sterile. Anaerobic bacteria were not isolated in any of the samples studied. Along with an increase in the proportion of putrid masses in the content of radicular cysts and isolation of a facultative anaerobe, the activity of rapid LDH fractions decreases, whereas that of the slow ones, particularly of LDH3, increases, pointing to the fact that metabolic conditions in the radicular cyst have shifted towards anaerobism.

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radicular cyst, lactic dehydrogenase

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