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Damage to standing trees in timber forwarding

Tomislav Poršinsky
Marko Ožura

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The research of damage caused to standing trees in timber extraction by a 17-ton forwarder Timberjack 1710B was carried out at the felling site of pedunculate oak, 99 years of age, with the growing stock of 398m3/ha and basal area of 27.35m2/ha and with 183 trees/ha. Gross harvesting density in thinning was 29.8m3/ha (č 21 tree/ha). The investigated felling site wasn’t provided with secondary openness through skid trails and hence the forwarder travelled across the felling site to the processed roundwood without any restrictions. As a result of the research, the damage caused to the stand was presented along with the analysis of structural features of incurred damages. Actions and activities causing tree damage were observed and assessment was carried out of suitability of timber forwarding from late thinnings with respect to the level and structure of damage. During its operation, the forwarder caused damage to 2.5 trees/ha, which is 1.5%in relation to the number of the remaining trees after felling.

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timber extraction; forwarder; damage to trees; lowland forests

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