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Productivity of IMT 560 tractor with a HDM 340 crane for stacking long stackwood on the landing

Željko Zečić

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The paper shows the research results of a tractor with a crane in stacking long stackwood on the landing by applying teamwork. Time and work study was performed by using snap-back chronometry method. Long stackwood was processed in 4 m lengths. Work of tractor with crane was recorded during 11 days. Average volume of crane grasp was 0,411 m3. Effective time of tractor with crane was 25.12 %, and delay times 74.88 %. Allowance time of tractor with crane was determined in amount of 87.44 % of the effective time. The data of measured and calculated values were processed by mathematical-statistical methods of multiple linear regression. The result are mathematical models of calculations of effective time based on which, along with allowance time factor, standard time and daily output are calculated. The modelled effective time for wood stacking by tractor with crane is 4.80 min/m3 and standard time 8,97 min/m3. It is possible to achieve daily output of 53.53 m3/day.

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tractor with a crane; long stackwood; standard time; daily output; cost

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