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Christian feminism in the teaching of John Paul II.

Veronika Reljac ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Područni studij teologije u Rijeci

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In the article the author is trying to analyze in two steps
the theme of dignity and vocation of women in the teaching of
John Paul II, especially emphasizing the apostolic letter Mulieris
dignitatem (1989) and the document Letter of John Paul II to
Women (1995). In the first step titled Anthropological View of
Women in the Teaching of John Paul II the author starts from
a new consideration of theology of creation and new feminism –
“Christian feminism”, to come to Mary as a model of perfect woman
and Christ – a model of perfect relationship to women. On the
basis of the foregoing the author stops at the woman’s vocation,
whether as a mother or as a virgin. And it is precisely motherhood
and virginity, the two dimensions of women’s vocation, which
the apostolic letter Mulieris dignitatem especially stresses. In the
second step the author is trying to consider new ethical horizons
being opened by Pope’s reflection on the figure of a woman. For
Pope John Paul II woman is a “genius” whom man and mankind
are entrusted. She is the one who educates and preserves life and
fundamental values of life.

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John Paul II, woman and man, dignity, relationship, togetherness, feminism

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