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Subjective oral symptoms in metal industry workers

Marija Magdalenić-Meštrović ; Stomatološka ambulanta RO »Janko Gredelj«, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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A total of 100 factory workers exposed to the harmful effects of
metals and chemicals at their working place at the Janko Gredelj
Metal Vehicles Manufacturers in Zagreb have been studied. Fifty workers not exposed to such effects served as controls. The study consisted of two parts: (a) taking history data from the examinees and obtaining information on their unpleasant subjective oral symptoms, and (b) performing the vitro-ad test according to Dobrenić. The metal workers examined complained of the following subjective oral symptoms: xerostomia, metallic taste in the mouth, foetor ex ore and stomatopyrosis. The incidence of all these symptoms was statistically highly significant compared to the control group (the X2 test for xerostomia was 30.09, for metallic taste 50.32, for foetor ex ore 9.49 and for stomatopyrosis 9.83). The results obtained strongly suggest that measures should be taken to diminish the unpleasant subjective oral symptoms in metal industry workers.

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subjective oral symptoms, metal industry workers

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