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The Influence of Water Activity on Double Layer Parameters on the Interface Mercury/Chlorates (VII) in the Presence of Cysteine

Agnieszka Nosal-Wiercińska ; M. Curie–Skłodowska University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis, M. Curie–Skłodowska Sq. 3, 20-031 Lublin, Poland

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The influence both the cysteine concentration and water activity on the double layer parameters on
the interface mercury/ chlorates (VII) was examined. The adsorption parameters for the double layer were
calculated from a double-layer differential capacity measurement extrapolated to zero frequency.
The values of the relative surface excess increase of the cysteine concentration and chlorates (VII) solutions.
It was found that the values of free adsorption energy and interactions constants, obtained from
Frumkin and virial isotherms, depend on the supporting electrolyte concentration. The changes of determined
parameters in the function of water activity water point at the participation of 4 ClO ions in the adsorption
processes, or that in the double layer the electrostatic interactions between the dipoles of 2 H O
and cysteine compounds exist.(doi: 10.5562/cca2022)

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cysteine, adsorption, water activity, differential capacity, mercury electrode

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