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Electromyographic recording of the action potentials of the masseter and temporal muscles in central occlusion

Krešimir Kraljević ; Zavod za mobilnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Electromyograiphic analysis of the activity of the chewing muscles in subjects with removable dentures may explain their participation in the various movements of the mandible. In partial or complete loss of teeth changes in the activities of these muscles may be expected. A total of 173 subjects have been studied. In the first group (92 examinees) all teeth in both jaws were preserved. The examinees in the second group (51 subjects) had partial dentures bilaterally with free saddles and complete dentures in the upper jaw. The third group (30 examinees) comprised those with bilateral partial dentures over free saddles and all the natural teeth preserved in the upper jaw. In all examiness simultaneous recording of the action potentials of the
left and right temporal and masseter muscles was performed during a strong contraction in central occlusion. In the first group the following arithmetic means of the digitally integrated action potentials were obtained: left m. temporalis 66.098, right m. temporalis 72.620, left m. masseter 77.072 and right m. masseter 83.293. The values obtained in the second group were: left m. temporalis 20.482, right m. temporalis 21.340, left m. masseter 19.711 and right m. masseter 20.168, and in the third group: left m. temporalis 31.062, right m. temporaliis 26.630, left m. masseter 26.496 and right m. masseter
26.563. It can be concluded that the action potentials of m. temporalis and m. masseter decrease proportionally with the extent of removable dentures. The recorded action potential values also decrease with increase in age. The action potentials recorded were higher in the muscles of the right side.

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electromiography; temporalis; masseter; central oclussion

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