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Qualitative and quantitative parameters proposed for roentgenocephalometric analyses in zagreb

Želimir Muretić ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Roentgenocephalometric analyses of the craniofacial morphology
have been performed in 200 eugnathic examinnees from Zagreb (both sexes, aged 10-45 years). Fourteen variables in the cephalograms, selected according to criteria based on clinical significance, low variability and the reliability of cephalometric reference points, have been studied. The objective of the study was to detect possible specific characteristics compared to foreign populations, to define age- and sex-related differences and to determine the significance of the correlation between the selected variables. Statistical analyses have given the following results:
- out of a greater number of variables studied, 14 constitute the roentgenocephalometric analysis of the examinees of the Zagreb population. These are presented in tables with arithmetic means and
standard deviations. - Compared to the findings of foreign authors, no significant differences have been noted in the sample studied, - some variables are highly age-dependent, while others are indifferent, - there are no statistically significant sex-related differences among the variables studied, - the analysis of correlations points to a relationship among several variables which are of a biological significance or only exclusively of a topographic nature.

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roentgenocephalometry; standards

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