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Possibility of ultrasonic diagnosis in dentistry

Zdravko Rajić ; Stomatološki fakultet, Zavod za dječju i preventivnu stomatologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Branko Breyer ; Medicinski fakultet, Klinika za ginekologiju,Hrvatska
Alenka Rajić ; Klinički bolnički centar, Stomatološka klinika, Hrvatska
Mira Dabić-Jeftić ; linički bolnički centar, Stomatološka klinika Klinička bolnica »Dr. Mladen Stojanović« - Neurološka klinika, Hrvatska

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str. 181-186

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The possible applications of ultrasonic diagnostic methods in dentistry
are presented. Untill now ultrasound in dentistry has been used
only in sterilisation and cleaning of instruments and in some therapeutic purposes such as the tartar cleaning, tooth filling etc. The autors applied onedimensional ultrasound (A-scann) method and twodimensional ultrasound (B-scann) method in diagnostics of the healthy and affected tooth and of the temporomandibular joint. A-scann method was done using the Echopan Siemens probe of 2 and 4 MHz of 10 mm diametar. The probe was provided with the water cap of our own construction. Thus by pressing the probe we could adjust the diametar of the contact area depending upon the area of the tooth examined. B-scann method was done using the Diosonograf 4104 mashine with a probe frequency of 2.5 MHz diametar 13 mm, appying water cap of our own construction. The obtained results have clearly indicated the advantages of the ultrasonic diagnostic methods in dentistry. The advantages of these methods are that they are non-invasive, easy to apply and without any rise for the patient. It is also possible to apply them in wider diagnostic purposes.

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Ultrasound; Dentistry; Diagnosis

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