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Histologic evaluation of the biologic tolerance of zink oxiphosphate cement

Greta Škaljac ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Dora Najžar-Fleger ; Zavod za bolesti zubi Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Vera Gomerčić ; Istraživački Institut »Pliva«, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 285-292

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Insulating agents in the form of protective dental cements have
been used as base coats under permanent fillings for almost a hundred years. The objective of this study was to determine qualitative differences in the biological tolerance of zink oxiphosphate cements of various densities. As an experimentl model loose rabbit connective tissue was used, which is a suitable substrate for the observation of subtle differences between various phases of inflammation. A total of 9 cement samples were used and 42 histologic preparations were made. Inflammatory changes in the tissue were noted with all the samples used, however, judging by the onset of the proliferative and reparatory phases of the inflammation, it has been concluded that the irritative effect of free phosphoric acid and acid phosphates is more strongly felt when the zink oxiphosphate cement is less compact. Cements of such density should not be applied to dentin tubuli directly without their protection with biocompatible materials.

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zink oxiphosphate cement, biotolerance

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