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The programe of measures of complex caries prevention

Zdravko Rajić ; Zavod za dječju i preventivnu stomatologiju Stomatološki fakultet u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 301-313

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On the basis of the analysis of the elements causing caries, a pyramid
of health protection has been developed, with health education at its base. Apart from this, an epidemiological study of the effectiveness
of amine fluoride with regard to decrease in caries incidence has also been carried out, based on the experiences gathered in already completed actions of caries prevention in Zagreb, as well as on similar experiences from other countries. These results were compared with results of previously applied methods of fluoridation,
whereupon it was concluded that in our circumstances the most appropriate method would be application of amine fluoride in the form
of solution for bathing or jelly for brushing of the teeths. On the basis
of all these elements, the programme of complex caries prevention
was developed which - after careful scrutiny - has been recommended to be carried out within our Republic as obligatory aspect of preventive measures.

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Complex caries, prevention

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