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Vasodentine and osteodentine — extraordinary structural characteristics of human deciduous teeth

Asja Miličić ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Histological test of 215 extracted human persistent deciduous teeth showes many specifics, that are not present at normal childrens deciduous teeth. At all teeth structures we have found some signs of »getting old«. In dentine, ordinary, there are thick layers of secundary dentine, which is in the beginning more or less regular, and later it becomes more regular. Discovering osteodentine and vasodentine belongs to extraordinary structural characteristics of secundary dentine in human persistent deciduous teeth. On histological specimen of one tooth all the pulp content was substituted with dentine tissue, that devi des the pulp in many cavities. According Tomes such finding can be qualified as osteodentine. In secundary dentine of 7 teeth have been noticed appearance of cavities with or without cells. Thas changed area varied in its size: from thin layer on the border between primary and secundary dentine to occupying all surface of the secundary dentine. Histological specimen of the found cell material bei longs to histological description of blood vessels — structure that would, according the Tome s classification, be analogous to description of vasodentine.

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tooth; histology

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