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The role of certain relevant factors in temporal aberrations of tooth eruption

Erih Jelinek ; Zavod za preventivnu i dječju stomatologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The accelerating or retarding effect of various factors on the time of
tooth eruption was studied on a group of children. The sample included 200 children, 7—14 years old, randomly chosen, with an equal number of boys and girls. The obtained data were processed by the method of regression analysis for the quantitative data and by the chi-square test for the qualitative ones. The results reveal the influence of some new, hitherto unknown, factors, breast-feeding (p < 0.002) and school-qualifications of the mother (p<0.04). An hypothesis is offered to explain the influence of these two factors. Moreover the influence of several other factors became evident which
had been investigated earlier vith various results i.e. body weight (p < 0,02), head cirucmference (p<0.01), birth weight (p < 0.02), nutrition fp<0.01) and serious diseases (p < 0.025).

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tooth eruption; acceleration; retardation

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