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The effects of deciduous teeth injuries on permanent successors

Olga Lulić-Dukić ; Zavod za dječj'u i preventivnu stomatologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 47-52

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The work considers the problems related to traumatic dental injuries
which have been constantly increasing in the last decades and in consequence the attention given to the problem of their medical therapy has been also increased. Possible effects of traumatic deciduous teeth injuries on the development and dention of their permanent successors are presented. A case of 7-year old boy is described who suffered in his early childhood a traumatic injury resulting in the impairment of the permanent teeth manifested by the calcification disturbance and the interruption of their normal development. Another case described represents a disintegration of the permanent tooth resulting from the traumatic impairment of the deciduous teeth when the patient was 3 years old.

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dental traumas; consequences

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