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Prevention of pulpopathies in current dental therapy

Branimir Maričić ; Stomatološki studij Medicinskog fakulteta, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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In the sample of 35 teeth (during the first three months of 1980) caries profunda simplex was diagnosed iin 28 cases and caries profunda complicata in 7 cases. The same method of indirect covering was applied in all cases. The teeth were first controlled and definitely filled after three months on the average. The second control was made after six months and the third one after a year. After this period, the clinical finding was normal In 30 cases, while 4 cases showed a slightly higher sensitivity to the termical test. One tooth was endodontically treated on account of pulpitis three months after its covering. All the relevant data are shown in tables.

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prevention of pulpopathy; indirect pulp capping

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