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An analysis of malocclusions in a selected group of school children

Vilma Radica-Sorić ; DZ »Dr P. Vitezica« O O U R zaštita zubi ii usta, Split, Hrvatska

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The article presents the results obtained in a study of malocclusions in schoolchildren from three primary schools in Split. There were 1600 schoolchildren between 7 and 14 years of age. The group consisted of 788 boys (49,25%) and 812 girls (50.75%). Anomalies were registered (in 835 children (52.87%). The total number of registered anomalies accords with the results most authors have obtained so far. A considerable difference regarding the sex was not registered. Only 1.56% more anomalies were found in girls, but difference is in significant since 1.5% more girls were examined. Secondary crowdings (18.8%) were the most frequent anomalies, followed by primary crowdings in 15.8% and premature loss of teeth in 13.41%. Of hereditary anomalies, the most frequent were class II/2 malocclusions in 13.53%, mandibular prognatism in 5.87% and cleft palate in 0.60%. When analyzing malolcclusions, therapy was necessary in 78.68% of the examined children and considered desirable in 21.32%. The author concludes that it is necessary for dentists to select the anomalies needing treatment during systematic examinations and to send the children to the orthodontist on time to improve orthodontic problems in non-centralized areas.

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malocclusions; epidemiology

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