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Comparison od deformities of dental bridges with parallel and nonparallel bearers

Adnan Ćatović ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
Zvonimir Kosovel ; Zavod za fiksnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
Osman Muftić ; Zavod za strojarstvo Fakulteta strojarstva (i brodogradnje, Zagreb

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str. 21-25

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The position of teeth as potential bearers of dental bridges is important for the prosthetician in planning therapy. The aim of every prosthetic therapy is the rehabilitation of the masticatory organ and the establishment of natural conditions by an adequate prosthetic device. In practical work the distal ibearer, which is the last possible bridge bearer, is most frequently bent for a given angle, cousing in this way the appearance of nonparallelism of the bridge casts. The constructions with incomplete parallelism of tooth bearers which causes an unequal distribution of masticatory pressure, show different deformities in their particular components. The position and direction of these deformities can be approximately determined by assumption. In the present work the attempt is made to determine the place and size of concentrated deformities by photoelasticimetric analysis without analyzing the condition of tooth bearer and surrounding tissues which are discussed elsewhere.

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