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Behaviour of dental bridge profiles in relation to load forces

Savka Milanović ; Stomatološka služba Regionalnog medioinskog centra, Banja Luka

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The present work is aimed at analyzing the effect of different profiles
of dental bridges made out of standard material on the degree of persistance of masticatory forces. Only the concentric vertical forces which are the strongest in the mastication process were taken into account. The maximum load of bridge construction without bending and fracture was analyzed. Several bridge models fastened to steel bearers were statically calculated and analyzed in laboratory. Seven different profiles loaded by different forces on the apparatus for the analysis of hardness and elasticity of metals were investigated.
The results obtained give summarized tables of possible loads and
elasticity of specific profiles. The triangular hollow profile which is open on the upper part is incomparably more economic than the full profile of the same outward dimensions (made out of four time less material and subject to two times higher force). In the order given in tables the advantage of the triangular profile open to the acting force in relation to the triangular profile open laterally which is most frequently applied in practice, is particularly interesting.

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