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Developmental characteristics of the late deciduous and early permanent dentition and their importance in the prevention of malocclusion

Asja Miličić ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
Vesna Gaži-Čoklica ; Zavod za ortodonciju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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The researched specimen of children from 4—7 years old, consist of 263 boys and 274 girls from the 11 nursery-homes for children in Zagreb. Together with the detection of existing malocclusions, we have valued developmental charaoterysfics of the deciduous and early mixed dentition. Our aim was to recognize the earliest symptoms in the development o f malocclusions. Thus we could plane on time some preventive and interceptive treatments and reduce the number of orthodontic therapies that are expensive and of long duration. It has been registrated 57.2% malocclusions. The most frequent are primary crowdings (49.6%); subsequently, Class II Division 2 malocclusions (22.5%); Class III malo-oclussions (11.7%); cross-bite (7.8%); open-bite (5.5%); diastema mediana (2.3%) and the other malocclusions, (0.6%). From the whole number of registrated malocclusions, 44.3% belong to cases that are etiological related with the abnormal pressure habits such as the Class II Division 1 malocclusion (38.8%) and the dentoalveolar open-bite (5.5%). The class I has been found In 79.4% of the cases, the Class II in 19.4% and the class III in 1.2% of the cases.
It has be founded 80.3% of dentitions affected with caries and 34.9% of partly sanified. Prematury loss of deciduous teeth as an potential malocclusion has been registrated at 23.3% of the cases. The orthodontic appliance had been used just by a single child. The therapy is concerned as necessary at 16% and as recomended at 3% of the cases. To the observation’s group has belonged 49.5% of the cases.

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