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Recuperation of metals out of the surplus of not used amalgam

Vera Njemirovskij ; Zavod za morfologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb
A. Jean ; Zavod za morfologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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str. 85-89

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In dental clinics remains a certain amount of prepared and not used amalgam. Because of the fact that metals can be in a relative easy way recuperated after amalgamasation the purpose of the paper was to investigate a) if there is a difference in the amount of regained metals prepared in the usual or in the mechanical way and b) is the
recyyling of metals out of amalgam surpluses worth while. In general terms the method is described. No difference was found between the two ways of preparing the amalgam. The amount of recuperated metals was rather great and justifies the recycling. In conclusion it is stated that in our clinics the surplus of not used amalgam should be collected and the recuperation done. It w ill be necessary to conclude an agreament between the ambulance and the working organisation which is going to recycle the material and use the metals afterwards.
Apart the utility of the recycling the process should be encouraged because of ecologic reasons to hinder the contamination of environmetal conditions due to toxic mercury vapours.

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