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Electromiograph Study of Patients Treated with Overdentures Retined with Implants

MJ. Contreras
J. Del Rio
M. Balda

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str. 339-339

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INTRODUCTION: Long Term edentulous patients present severe bone loss in their alveolar ridges, as a consequence there is serious compromise in esthetics and function. A therapeutic alternative which we can offer to these patients is an overdenture retined with dental implants, in order to improve retention and stability.
AIM OF THE WORK: The aim of the study was to determine by electromiography whether the muscular groups involved in masticatory function present any special activity in patients treated with overdentures retined with dental implants.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: We selected ten complete edentulous patients with inferior overdentures retined with two implants and a bar.Myotronics K6-I with eight channels, and registration of anterior and posterior temporalis muscle maseter and dygastric muscles.
We performed recordings in rest positions and maximum force bite.
RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: The results obtained indicate an increase in activity in the rest position of the posterior temporalis group.

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