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The Power of Word: Preachers in Medieval Dubrovnik

Zdenka Janeković Römer orcid id ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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In the pastoral of the Franciscan and Dominican orders preaching became the principal task of their mission. Preaching manuals represented the basis of the new art. The preachers also used sermon collections, Bible concordances and exempla collections. Franciscan and Dominican preachers spread out among the faithful, paying special attention to the communicative dimension of sermon. Thus they opened new ways of piety to the laity and gave them a new place in the Church. The library of the Dominican Friary and partly that of the Franciscans in Dubrovnik house a number of medieval preaching manuals, whose
message may also be traced in the Ragusan wills of the day.

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Middle Ages; preaching; Dominicans; Franciscans; Dubrovnik

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