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Inherent and treated flame retardancy of clothing

Aleksandar Regent orcid id ; TPI Teh-projekt Inženjering d.o.o., Rijeka

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The issue of flame retardancy is very important in clothing protecting from heat and flame. The terms inherent and treated flame retardancy used by the end users when specyfying the characteristics of such clothing are not clear enough. It is therefore very important that they are specified in such a way that they unquestionably specify the features which the writers of the specification wish to achieve. In this paper various wellknown materials used for the manufacturing of flame retardant clothing and their composition and characteristics are described. Commercial names of most popular proprietary materials are also mentioned, as such materials on the market are known by their registered names. In order to avoid misunderstandings and inconsistencies between the end users and the suppliers in practice, it is suggested that the characteristics of flame retardancy are defined by the use of standard tests and by specifying the requested durability and use conditions in which flame retardant features have to be realized.

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protective clothing, inherent flame retardancy, treated flame retardancy, standard tests

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