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Electron-microscopical structure of gingival hyperplasia during pregnancy

Jelena Aurer-Koželj ; Zavod za parodontologiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Jugoslavija

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str. 108-112

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The investigations undertaken so far to detect the changes in the structure of the gingiva which occur during pregnancy comprise mainly the correlation of the clinical and the histological findings or the histological criteria typical for gingival hyperplasia during pregnancy. Frequently there is marked proliferation of the blood vessels, formation of filamentous pseudomembranes and accumulation of lymphatic and plasma cells. Electron microscopic studies of these changes are somewhat scanty. Electron microscopic investigations of changes in the fine structure of the gingiva in the course of pregnancy have revealed the following characteristics: The lumen of the capillaries close to the epithelium is bordering with porous endothelium, while the endothelium of the capillaries at some distance from the epithelium is continuous. The basal membrane of the capillaries tends to become multilamellar. It seems that its function too is changed. In the pericapillary connective tissue fibrin is deposited whose reticle abounds in basophilic cells which are of different grade of maturity. The epithelium shows considerable oedema, desmolysis and lack of differentiation of epithelial cells, characteristical for the epithelium of a healthy gingiva.

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