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Trends in the contemporary treatment of periodontal affections

Jelena Aurer-Koželj ; Zavod za bolesti usta Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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str. 43-49

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The periodontium is treated as a functional whole of several types of tissue, which under physiological conditions tends to be exposed to a continuous process of functional adaptation. The maintenance of balance in the course of the process of adaptation may, however, be affected by various local, functional and general factors and thus lead to pathological changes in the tissues of the periodontium. Depending on this etiological triad, therapy is divided into: local, functional and general. The aim of the individual measures and interventions, most frequently applied in modern paro- dontology is listed orderly and a brief review is given of the surgical methods most often applied. Instructions are given which are of importance in the polishing of obstacles to articulation sliding. The importance is emphasized of establishing group contacts and of treating parafunctions. Concluding a review and a division of the medicamentous measures and their influences in the treatment of the periodontium, is given.

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