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Analysis of Criteria for Admission to the Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić

Kristina Devčić ; Veleučilište Nikola Tesla u Gospiću
Ivana Tonković Pražić ; Veleučilište Nikola Tesla u Gospiću

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Much like in the rest of the world, higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia are working in a turbulent environment. Croatian polytechnics must recognize and understand the changes in their environment in order to be able to properly respond to them. The Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić is one of the polytechnics facing a growing competition, but also the problem of decreasing enrolment. To solve these problems, it is necessary to apply marketing methods and techniques for understanding the process
of deciding on applying for admission to the Polytechnic. In order to better understand this process and how it can be influenced, the authors examined the criteria that students use when making this decision. It was established during the research that some of the criteria had a greater impact on the decision to apply for admission (the location of the Polytechnic, professional orientation, reasonable admission requirements and applicability of professional knowledge in practice and employment prospects as the key decision factor), while others had a much smaller impact. In addition, the research has shown that there is no significant difference between male and female respondents with regard to the importance they attach to different criteria. Using factor analysis, the criteria for admission to the Polytechnic were grouped as follows: the quality of education, studying conditions, image of the institution, the cost of education, and the influence of friends and family.

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higher education, Polytechnic “Nikola Tesla” in Gospić, decision criteria, factor analysis

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