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Artificial teeth and prosthetic material in the light of investigating with ultraviolet rays

Zvonimir Kosovel ; Zavod za stomatološku protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb

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str. 210-221

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Certain errors in selecting and mixing a suitable colour nuance for an artificial tooth, an esthetic crown or a facet are in the opinion of the author connected with the unsolved question of fluorescence of artificial material. The author has supplied evidence for this statement in some of his earlier works. In this paper the results are reviewed of the investigation of a number of samples of artificial teeth and prosthetic material of various productions selected at random up to 1968. All the samples mentioned in tables have been tested by ultraviolet rays by means of a corresponding analytic mercury lamp whose spectrum has the strongest line in the region of 365 millimicron wave length. The results shown in the tables and photos show the lack of uniformity of colour and intensity of fluorescence of individual samples, or the general non-existence of this important characteristic which enables us to imitate faithfully the colour of a natural tooth.

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