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[The psychological approach in work with children]

Marija Novosel ; Zavod za zaštitu zdravlja S. R. H.

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str. 231-237

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Various factors to be considered in the different age groups of preschool and school children are discussed. Characteristics of the emotions of small children, their basic needs and the first resulst of socialization are treated in the first part under the heading FIRST CONTACTS The small child in the dentist's surgery is discussed separately. This is followed by a part on HOW TO AWAKEN AN INTEREST FOR THEIR TEETH IN CHILDREN OF DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS, with special emphasis on the interest of children in each group. In consideration of the specific interests of small children in puberty etc. a different approach to the dentist's surgery is recommended. In the part on COLLABORATION WITH PARENTS AND TEACHERS the feasibility description of an interesting attemp on the part of a group of experts in Berne, of an efficacions contact between dentist, teacher and parent is discussed; the detüiled Switzerland is presented in this context.

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