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The Influence of Surgical Experience, Type of Instructions Given to Patients and Patient Seks on Postoperative Pain Intensity Following Lower Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Marko Matijević
Zvonimir Užarević
Vlatka Gvozdić
Valentina Matijević Mikelić
Dinko Leović
Darko Macan

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The aim of this study was to determine the extent to which the intensity of postoperative pain in the first seven days after lower wisdom tooth extraction is affected by operator experience, patient level of information and patient sex. Postoperative pain intensity after lower wisdom tooth extraction was assessed in 108 patients. Depending on the type of information given to each patient individually, the patients were divided into two groups: test group in which patients were provided with detailed standard written and verbal instructions and control group where patients only received detailed standard written instructions about treatment after surgery. Each of these two groups was divided into three subgroups depending on operator experience. Results of this study showed that the type of information irrespective of being given verbally or not had no effects on postoperative pain intensity, whereas operator experience and patient sex influenced postoperative pain intensity.

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Postoperative pain; Wisdom teeth; Operator experience; Verbal instructions; Patient sex

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