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Vranić’s Mlajši Robinzon / On the origin and ideologemic layout of the first children’s novel in Croatian language

Tihomir Engler ; Veleučilište u Varaždinu - Varaždin

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In the “Preface” to the Croatian-Kajkavian translation of Campe’s novel Robinson der Jüngere published in 1796, Antun Vranić points out that “among others, he has chosen [...] this story of Young Robinson, as one of many as such” (Vranić 1796, “Preface”) and decided to translate it in a language understandable to Croatian common people. Thus the first novelistic text in Croatian language intended for the young as entertainment and moral was created. The paper reports on research results regarding the origin of the textual variant used by Vranić for the translation of Campe’s novel, which is impossible to identify unambiguously at the first, because already at that time there were many both authorized and unauthorized editions of that novel. Furthermore, the story-line, stylistic and linguistic structure of Vranić’s translation are compared to the textual variant and points of deviation as well as common features of both texts determined in order to create a basis for comprising the differences in ideologemic structure of the original text and translation and question the effects of such cultural transfer.

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Campe, children’s literature, ideologemic layout of the novel, Mlajši Robinzon, Vranić

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