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A range of colours in the novel Povratak Filipa Latinovicza

Kristina Čendo ; Filološki fakultet Blaže Koneski Sveučilišta Ćirila i Metodija - Skopje, Makedonija
Zrinka Jelaska ; Filozofski fakultet - Zagreb

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str. 213-253

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The paper deals with the research of colours in Krleža’s novel Povratak Filipa Latinovicza, analyzing the colour adjectives appearing in the text. Firstly, the colours are separated into non-spectral (achromatic) colours and spectral colours, these two groups having three (black, white and gray) and nine members (red, green, yellow, blue, dark blue, brown, orange, purple, pink). Each of these twelve non-spectral and spectral colour co-subordinates is understood in itself as a category whose prototypical member is the very (in words) pure colour, and colour shades and nuances being its more marginal or peripheral members standing in a mutually linear relationship. Among them, relationships of close (partly synonymous) or similar meaning may be established. Since the whole novel is constructed around the main character, painter Filip Latinovicz, the usage of different colour terms of close or similar meaning becomes one of discourse strategies in the construction of the whole novel, especially in constructing the character and his relationship towards parts of his own life in the past and the present. The analysis has shown that colour adjectives appear in chapters unevenly and that their distribution also depends on the contents of a particular chapter. Thus colour adjectives integrate the novel, which is by some of its features fragmentary, into a coherent entity.

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colour, discourse strategies, M. Krleža, Povratak Filipa Latinovicza

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