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The capacity of performing tests in test laboratories may be evaluated by testing the equipement level - the so called Proficiency Testing Schemes - PTS. Apart from evaluating the proficiency of testing and calibration laboratories, these activities constitute also an additional technique in the process of laboratory accreditation on the part of competent bodies, in compliance with the EN 45 001:1989 standard.
The main PT goals are the maintenance and increasing of test laboratories' equipment level, as well as increasing reliability and comparability in the testing/calibration process. If the results of PTS are not satisfactory, the PT Organizer must, together with a laboratory representative, try and find out the reasons for this. The laboratory must, on its part, undertake efficient corrective measures in order to improve its testing quality.
There are different PTS types, while their selection is dependent on specific interests of the laboratory accreditation bodies, as well as of the labs taking part in PT. Before entering into the PTS designing phase, its purpose must be determined first. An experienced PT Organizer should choose a Technical Co-ordinator and an Advisory Board, to help him/her perform tasks that must precede PTS distribution to participating laboratories. It is also necessary to define the policy for participants in the said PTS, the policy of results utilization, confidentiality policy, as well as to set the Quality Assurance policy.

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quality management system, laboratory certification and accreditation, equipement standpoint, proficiency standpoint, oil products, composition and properties

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