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Đurđeva greda and the Neolithic of Lika

Stašo Forenbaher ; Institut za antropologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Nikša Vujnović ; Kaducej d.o.o., Split

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Partially explored in rescue excavations in 2010, a prehistoric settlement located ten kilometres east of Gospić at Đurđeva greda is the first indisputable Neolithic site in Lika. Finds include pits, remains of structures and pottery, dating from the Early to Middle Neolithic transition, as well an assemblage of artefacts that indicates the production of stone adzes by flaking and grinding. These innovations, related to the Neolithic way of life, reached Lika by the middle of the sixth millennium BC. The archaeological evidence from Đurđeva greda directly affects current interpretations of the spread of farming into the continental hinterland of the eastern Adriatic.

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Neolithic, Lika, settlement, pottery, ground stone, lithic technology

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