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Relationship between priest-doctor-patient: from the perspective of a priest

Mihály Szentmártoni orcid id ; S.J. – PUG Rim

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Foundation and determinant of the relationship between
the priest and physician in health care pastoral is the patient
himself, more precisely, his view on illness. After clarifying some
basic terms, the lecture is divided into three thematic units:
The protagonists of pastoral care in health; priest, physician and
patient. The basic issue is the protagonist’s self-definition, i.e.
the priest’s view and the physician’s view of their role in relation
to the patient; Illness as a platform of cooperation between the
priest, doctor and patient. Three models of looking at illness have
been proposed: moral, medical and social model. Each of these
models has implications on the theological, pastoral and medical
level. The priest and the doctor can act more successfully in
caring for the sick if they are aware of his approach to illness;
Situations that require specific priest and doctor cooperation:
terminal patients, the dying, palliative therapy. Ultimately
illness is a secret (the mystery of illness, suffering and death),
before which the attitude of reverence obliges us, and that is the
best link for the priest-doctor-patient cooperation.

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Protagonists of pastoral care in health; understanding of illness; mystery of illness, suffering and death; cooperation between priest and doctor

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