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The St Martin Heritage of Upper Međimurje: Along Ancient Paths to the “Martinian Hymn”

Antonija Zaradija Kiš orcid id ; Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 148-171

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In the context of the rich European St Martin heritage, Croatian Martinian heritage stands out because of its splendour and regional diversity. Due to its geographic position and strategic importance throughout history, the region of Međimurje (and Prekmurje in the neighbouring Slovenia) occupies a prominent place in the research into the cult of St Martin and its prevalence. In this study we have concentrated on the region of Upper Međimurje and its tangible and intangible heritage of St Martin, the most highly venerated mediaeval saint among the common people and the nobility alike. The research deals with the toponymic and sacral heritage in an effort to trace the spread of the cult in its one-thousand-year history, and the reflection of Martinian piety in the popular tradition of Međimurjeuntil the present day. Therefore, we will also focus on Josip Keresturij of Štrigova and his “Martinian hymn” – deeply felt verses that sing of piety, labour and friendship, the key components of life.

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St Martin, archeology, shrine, toponyms, poetry

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