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An Apology of Theological Education: The Nature, the Role, the Purpose, the Past and the Future of Theological Education

Ervin Budiselić orcid id ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 131-154

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Since formal theological education is sometimes considered unnecessary, this article offers an apology of academic theological education, claiming that doing theology is not only the privilege of elite theological circles, but of all believers. If that is the case, then the discussion should not be focused on arguments for or against theological education, but on the questions of what kind of theology to do and how qualitative it should be. The author offers a short historical survey of the development of theology as an academic discipline, speaks about current challenges with which theological education is faced, and discusses its future. The author sees the future of theological education in the use of the Bible as the foundation for theology, in the importance of practice as the final goal of theological education, and in serving and helping the church to reach maturity and unity of faith.

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theological education; praxis; church; Bible; the relationship between the academy and the ecclesia

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