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Goldingay’s Evangelical Approach To The Old Testament: A Description and Critical Assessment of his Methodology

Beneamin Mocan ; Visoko evanđeosko teološko učilište, Osijek

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str. 155-166

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To offer an account of Goldingay’s methodology is a complex task. This is mainly because he did not refer to his method of interpretation in his Old Testament Theology as expected. Though this is the case, as a theologian with approximately 30 years of experience in the domain of Old Testament (OT) studies, he fortunately has several other books and articles on methodology. Hence, the paper’s central focus is to analyze Goldingay’s theological
approach to the OT. In order to accomplish this, the author will make use of Goldingay’s relevant books and articles with reference to methodology. In its first part, the paper attempts to describe Goldingay’s Evangelical Approach to the OT with the central focus on his way of understanding the place of history in the Evangelical approach to the OT. We shall see that this could be assumed
to be the determinative factor that shaped Goldingay’s entire theology of the OT. This is what the present article attempts to prove. In order to do so, it needs a second part that consists of a critique of Goldingay’s approach.

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method and OT Theology; Evangelical OT Theology; OT history; history and faith; OT genres; OT gospel

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