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Butterfly fauna (Hesperoidea & Papilionoidea) of a rural part of Zagreb City, Croatia

Toni Koren ; University of Primorska, Science and Research Centre Koper, Institute of Biodiversity Studies,SI-6000 Koper, Garibaldijeva 1, Slovenia
Mladen Zadravec orcid id ; Antuna Stipančića 12, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Ana Štih ; Matije Divkovića 7, HR-10090 Zagreb, Croatia
Dina Hlavati ; Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 100, HR-31500 Našice, Croatia

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Entomologists have researched into the butterflies of Zagreb City with different levels of intensity since the beginning of the 20th century and recorded a great number of species. Many butterfly sites historically surveyed are now completely changed or have completely disappeared due to the expansion of the city and changes in habitat management. Our research was conducted between March 2009 and September 2010 in the Vugrovec area, located at the northeastern edge of the city. Vugrovec is still a rural area, but the city itself is fast approaching, and will probably be merged in the near future. So this area could be considered similar to the historically studied sites in the former rural areas nowadays urbanized. A total of 88 butterfly species were identified, which account for 45% of Croatian butterfly fauna. Ten recorded species are threatened and listed in the Red data list of Croatian Butterflies: Lycaena dispar (NT), Glaucopsyche alexis (NT), Pseudophilotes vicrama (NT), Scolitantides orion (NT), Phengaris arion (VU), Papilio machaon (NT), Pieris brassicae (DD), Polyommatus thersites (NT), Apatura ilia (NT) and Heteropterus morpheus (NT).

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Lepidoptera; Vugrovec; diversity; threats

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