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The Integrated Approach for Introducing Innovation in Construction Industry

Nataša Šuman orcid id ; University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Maribor, Slovenia
Martina Semič El-Masr

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Nowadays, innovations in construction companies increase work productivity, hence, the effectiveness of company economy is improved. Basically, innovation is risky and the chance of success seems small, which usually discourages the construction companies to go for it. However, only the companies which will be dynamic and open enough, and thereby capable of responding to the challenges of globalisation, are going to survive. This article offers an overview of the state of the innovation activity in Slovenia, and discusses the impact and problems of introduction of innovation in the construction industry. The integrated approach for the implementation of innovations in construction industry is given within the basic factors for a successful implementation and relevant elements resulting from the internal and external environment. Regarding to the elements of research, possible forms of innovation, benefits of innovation and the inhibitors that limited its assertion are conducted. Further discussed are the factors and the participants which majorly influence the occurrence of innovation in construction industry. Among factors, we have considered participants who can aid at implementing innovation. Those are: the investors, the companies which produce construction products, engineers, architects, the providers of the technical support, and the main building contractors. In the last part of the article, a general overview of two non-technological approaches for expanding innovation is given, with the emphasis on partnership and supply chain management.

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Innovation; Construction Industry; Construction Company; Participants; Partnership Approach; Supply Chain Management

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