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Multipurpose clothing for firefighting and rescue - Reality or utopia?

Aleksandar Regent ; viši predavač, Odjel Sigurnost na radu – Veleučilište u Rijeci, Rijeka, Hrvatska
Davor Šadek ; student spec. dipl. studija ZOP, odjel Sigurnost na radu – Veleučilište u Rijeci, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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During past several years Technical Committees of ISO and CEN developed standards (ISO and EN) specifying minimum protective performance of clothing intended for use at various activities such as fighting structural and wildland fires, urban search and rescue (USAR), while BSI produced a standard for clothing intended for use during suppression of urban public disorders. Main characteristics required from such clothing are related to the level of protection against various kinds of external heat, breathability of clothing and mechanical properties of materials. Selection, use, care and maintenance of such clothing is described in separate technical documents. As the requirements of the standards are similar, but not identical, a question has been opened within fire and rescue services whether it is necessary to provide different type of protective clothing for each particular kind of intervention. Operational use of several different types of protective clothing would entail not only additional purchasing costs, but also currently unknown complications such as storage, transport and donning/doffing of such clothing at the incident site etc. Organization JOIFF developed a specification for multifunctional fire and rescue protective clothing useable for all activities apart from structural fires. In the paper, the analysis and assessment of risk in various activities of firefighting and rescue is presented, as well as critical comparison of performance requirements of JOIFF specification with those of relevant ISO, EN, BS and HRN standards. Insight into relevant NFPA standards proved that they specify requirements for garments intended for technical rescue incidents, but these cannot be directly compared to European norms because of different testing methods used.

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firefighting, rescue, multifunctional clothing, risk assessment, standards

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