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Youth at the Crossroads of choosing a Vocation in a Postmodern World

Meri Gotovac ; Đakovo, Hrvatska

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str. 319-344

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We live in a world where more and more youth experience a crisis of vocations. Based on her own experience in educational work with youth and the study of competent authors in this field, the author outlines possible ways in which youth can regain meaning and attraction for a vocation. In the contemporary world various factors are at the root of this crisis: subjectivism, pluralism, individualism, consumerism, hedonism and a crisis of the family. Other factors prevent someone from choosing a vocation: downplaying the role of reason, mistrust of institutions and religious sincretism. Sociological research confirms these difficulties which youth experience. New life situations give rise for a change in vocational ministry which must include not only a selected few but rather the entire faith community.

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youth and vocations, vocational ministry, vocational pedagogy

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