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The Implosion of Art between 0 and 1

Miroljub Radojković orcid id ; Fakultet političkih nauka, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Srbija

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str. 114-122

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I take as a starting point Benjamin’s premise that one should be ready for innovation changing the entire artistic technique and possibly even leading to a change in the idea of art itself, i.e. its being. Nowadays, art can be found within cyber-networks, surviving through the third phase of simulation and authenticity. In the first phase, it was subjected to the rules of mimesis; the second shocked it with mass reproduction by way of industry. It was then that it was pulled into the capitalist currents of trade, power and profit.
Art has no authenticity in the modern age, it simulates nothing and it belongs to the floating simulacra of the www, instead. It reaches atomised subjects who are unable to tie it to a place and time, since these categories do not exist in the cyber world. This is why the work of art has also lost its aura, since it depended on the categories of here and now. Actually, there is a multitude of its auras defined by the recipients proceeding from their own here and now.

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art, reproduction, creativity, Postmodernism, death of art

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