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Performance of Media: Eurosong between spectacle and art

Vesna Milenković ; Niš, Srbija
Slađana Stamenković orcid id ; Niš, Srbija

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str. 148-161

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The media with its distinctive properties and synthesis of different possibilities of expression in the modern, technical basis, in today's world, according to many in society of the spectacle, represent the scene that political and social elite are fighting for. The world represented in media through which all the tendencies of socio-political context are reflecting, is the world of an "imposed" market of developed countries and their cultures. The effect of performance in media-society, has become an everyday life, and the audience is accustomed to receive the whole life composed of different scenes through the media as desirable, recommended and only true lifestyle. The media spectacle, as the dominant form of life, presented everywhere, from commercials to the latest news, entertainment and artistic content through video and audio is directly involved in the formation of socio-cultural life by providing materials to create their own identity. In the society of the spectacle, the actual events are seamlessly converted into produced one, media one. Television, which, formerly, was used for entertainment or cultural elevation, in the present, toward Virilio "it must first create a world time of sharing, virtual vision that displaces vision of the real world that surrounds us." The idea of this paper is to show at the example of the Eurosong, how this media spectacle becomes the artistic performance of most European viewers once a year.

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mass media, performance, media spectacle, Eurosong, culture

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