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Global Poverty and International Distributive Justice

Tvrtko Jolić orcid id ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb

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Global poverty presents one of the most persistent problems
of international relations. There are a number of well-
-developed theories in the political science and political
philosophy that deal with this problem. Proponents of
cosmopolitan theories of international justice hold that our
obligations to the global poor are the same as our
obligations to the poor in our domestic societies. In the first
part of the article we point out some of the weaknesses of
one version of the cosmopolitan approach. In the remaining
part of the article we defend Rawls’s approach to the
international distributive justice according to which we have a
duty to assist burdened societies in the establishment of just
institutions that are capable of protecting the basic human
rights of their own population. In addition to their duty of
assistance, the author proposes two other measures in order
to address the urgency of the problem of global poverty.

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global poverty, distributive justice, human rights, difference principle

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