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Correlation between the Size of Maxillary Frontal Teeth, the Width between Alae Nasi and the Width between Corners of the Lips

Lejla Ibrahimagić
Asja Čelebić
Vjekoslav Jerolimov
Davor Seifert
Marija Kardum-Ivić
Irina Filipović

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The aim of this study was to determine correlation between the width of upper incisors (WUI) or the width between the tips of the upper canines (WTC), or the width between distoaproximal surfaces of upper canines (WDaC) with the width of the alae of the nose (WAN) or the width between the corners of the mouth (WCM) on a representative sample. The aim was also to calculate the ratio between the measured variables, which could be helpful in clinical practice.
For this purpose two thousand individuals aged from 18 to 24 years, with intact frontal teeth were measured. There were 920 males and 1080 females.
According to statistical analysis of the results it was concluded: 1. Statistically significant difference between males and females existed for all the measured variables (WAN, WCM, WUI, WTC and WDaC), i.e. males had bigger dimensions. 2.There was no significant difference between sexes for all the calculated ratios: WCM/WAN, WAN/WUI, WCM/WDaC, WAN/WTC, WDaC/WAN (p>0.05). 3. The width of the nose approximates to the width between the tips of the cusps of upper canines (1.08:1). The other calculated ratios are: WAN/WUI = 1.206:1; WCM:WDaC = 1.228:1, WDac:WAN = 1.158:1 and these ratios together with the measured mean values: WUI, WCT, WDaC in the examined population, both for men and women, could be helpful for the choice of the proper size of upper frontal artificial teeth and for their setting in the wax of the denture.

Ključne riječi

width of the nose; width between the corners of the mouth; width of upper four incisors; width between the tips of the cusps of upper canines; distoaproximal width of the upper canines

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