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Revision of the Endodontic Filling with Solvents Eucalyptol, Halothane and Orange Oil

Karlović Zoran
Ivica Anić
Ivana Miletić
Silvana Jukić
Andrija Bošnjak
Hrvoje Jurić

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Chloroform was the most frequently used solvent for removing guttapercha from the root canal. However, dispute with regard to its safety prompted the use of new solvents. The aim of this study was to compare the time required for dissolving gutta-percha by eucalyptol, halothane and orange oil. Seventy single rooted teeth were sterilised, treated by conventional "step-back" technique and filled by cold lateral condensation technique, and stored in 0.9% NaCl solvent for 180 days. After which revision of the root filler was performed. The revision was considered complete when no signs of gutta-percha and the filler were visible on the metallic instruments and paper sticks. In view of the distribution of data on key variables, ANOVA, with "post hoc" tests was applied during the analysis of results. Statistically reliable difference was determined between the speed of dissolvability with eucalyptol and the speed with halothane and orange oil.

Ključne riječi

endodontic revision; gutta-percha; eucalyptol; halothane; orange oil

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