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Value dimensions of corporate culture of state-owned enterprise employees

Požega Željko
Crnković Boris
Ljuan Marko Gashi

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This paper examines value dimensions of the organizational culture of employees in Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d., a joint stock company wholly owned by the government of the Republic of Croatia, with the aim
of identifying the corporate culture and value differences within the company in relation to employee gender, age and type of workplace. Hofstede’s research on organizational culture value dimensions forms the
theoretical framework of this paper. Descriptive statistical methods, i.e., frequencies, comparison of means
and ranking were used in the analysis. The results show a difference in values between older and younger
employees, as well as between employees working in an office and those working in the field which leads
to the conclusion that in this company there are different sub-cultural elements within a single corporate
culture. Moreover, the results show that value dimensions of employees in Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d.
are somewhat different from earlier findings of Hofstede’s research into value dimensions of employees in
the Republic of Croatia in that the power distance is lower; uncertainty avoidance remains relatively high;
individualism of employees has risen considerably, the culture is still impregnated with feminine values and
there is a high degree of long-term orientation of employees. The analysis of respondents’ answers indicates
that personal time and family time are highly valued. In addition, physical working conditions, good working relations with immediate supervisors and good cooperation with colleagues were also rated high on
the scale of importance. It was also found that the most important work objective was job security, and that
personal steadiness, stability and persistence were most valued personal traits.

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value dimensions, organizational culture, employee structure, power distance, avoidance of uncertainty, individualism

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